About Us

We make adjustable Satin Lined Caps, Scrub Caps, Satin Bonnets & hair accessories. Carefully designed. Passionately made. Adjustable to fit all hair types and sizes. 

We are socially conscious and believe in sustainable solutions that truly empower women. Our entire supply chain is primarily driven by women.

Our range of satin lined caps have been described as a life saver by nurses on the front lines and women with large natural hair who often struggle to find products that fit their hair.

We are socially conscious and believe in sustainable solutions that truly empower women.

Vis Viva comes from the Latin word for Living Force. Our core aim is to help women around the world look good and feel good.

Our journey started with a desire to find solutions for healthy hair. This led us to natural products and as we delved deeper we discovered so many natural solutions for healthy hair, beauty and overall healthy living.

Inspired by the success of our early products we decided to go all in and launched a line of hair products purely made from natural raw materials and no chemicals. Then we figured, we need a way to protect the beautiful hair we were growing with our natural hair products and so we designed the ViVi Satin caps.


The Vivi satin caps are carefully designed to accommodate all types and sizes of hair, stay on all night and definitely to look good all day and all night. (No more stockings and weird looking head dresses)

As we grow, one thing stays constant; we only develop and sell what we truly believe in and use with our families. Our commitment to quality is based on our very own desire to constantly seek trusted solutions that we can rely and depend on.

Who knows what the future holds but one thing we know for sure- we will continue to work with our customers to improve and introduce great products that help all our customers LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD.