Silk Satin Pajamas , Pyjamas , Dayjamas.

This collection understands CONVENIENCE ! Dress them up, Down,  Casual or wear as pajamas. Made from pure silk satin which adjusts to your body temperature making it amazing for both Cold and Hot weather. We know that you want to rush out for a quick errand, or pick that zoom call, or go for a night out In pajamas. You also just probably don't know what to wear when you are hosting want to look good and be homely and comfy at the same time... There are many scenarios we could create but we hope the outfits talk for themselves and are as amazing to you as they are to Us...because we are you... we create & designs that make a difference in our lives and yours as well. We are One.

Everytime you buy from VisViva, you support a Woman/man to earn a decent living to support their families as our products are made with tender love and care by these amazing people in kenya who've become family !