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Adjustable satin lined caps!! So soft , comfortable and has enough room to fits bulky hair, locs and braids. Also a workout cap, everyday satin lined cap. Different colors just to suit your mood/outfits. fits kids due to its adjustable button feature!! We understand not one size fits all... so we went and did our homework and found the perfect fit for comfort and functionality ☺️ .

VisViva is latin for Living force...we want every woman to be a LIVING FORCE wherever they go...look good and feel good in every instance..going to sleep..working out or even on a bad hair day...going in a jaccuzzi or during a hot oil treatment (wear a shower cap and throw in our cap on top ) Plopping etc.

Every time you empower a woman and man in kenya to earn an honest living and feed their families as our products are handmade in Kenya where we work together as a team striving to give nothing but the best to you guyz . We appreciate you all VisViva babes! THANK YOU..!! @visvivabeauty on instagram/facebook for amazing content.